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On August 14, 1960 Rev. and Mrs. Levi Lainhart welcomed to their family a son already called and anointed by God to pastor. Edwin Lainhart became a valued part of this family as well as the body of Christ. As a preachers son he would come to understand the life of a pastor and the integrate workings of that ministry call. The Lainhart family pastured churches across the states of Kentucky and west Virginia spreading the good news of the gospel.

During a service at the Middlesborough Church of God in Kentucky, God revealed Himself to the young Edwin Lainhart. At the tender age of nine, God opened his spiritual eyes and allowed him to see a vision on the stage as his father ministered. He saw a shepherd holding a staff in his hand. Shocked and unsure of what he was seeing he turned to his mother and asked if she had seen the shepherd. She assured him that she didn't. The third time he saw this vision he notice the shepherd carefully cradling the lamb in his arms. Understanding the hand of God at work, Sister Lainhart told her son that God was speaking to him in the form of a vision. The scripture that speaks of the young men and women seeing visions became reality in their very midst.

In 1969 Edwin Lainhart gave his heart to God accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior. At the age of 15 during a youth trip he received the gift of the Holy  Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. He grew in his knowledge of God and began to work in the church at the age of 18. For the next 7 years he worked within the local church body. Sunday School Superintendant, Worship Leader, as well as Youth Director were some of the positions he faithfully filled.

Brother Lainhart knew the value of a God sent wife and hungered for the helpmate God had promised. It wasn't long before he come to understand that his future wife would be found in the home of another Church of God pastor. Rev. and Mrs. Farris Horn had pastured in the Church of God for many years. Their youngest daughter, Eulene Horn, had successfully captured the heart of Edwin Lainhart. She was sold out and fully dedicated to God without hesitation or reservation. On June 2, 1979 Edwin Lainhart took Eulene Horn as his bride.

The time had come for Brother Edwin Lainhart to begin ministering from the pulpit. He first ministered at the Church of God church in Somerset, Ky which sparked his desire for more. In the days that followed he also ministered in the Ravenna Church of God. The sermon that lasted only a short while left him hungering for a deeper touch of God. As he began to pray an unmistakable flow of the anointing began to surge throughout the building. Brother Lainhart began to experience a new level of God's power as he was used to minister to specific people in attendance that evening. During the altar call, there were 3 people who gave their lives to God and others who received answers to their specific needs.

In 1986 Brother and Sister Lainhart began to pastor their first Church of God church in Paris Ky. Later they moved to Richmond Ky and have pastured there now for many years. God blessed their lives with the addition of 2 sons Chad and Micah Lainhart. Chad and his wife, Alison, now have 2 children and serve as youth pastors at Abundant Life Ministries. Micah is currently in High School and is a wonderful support to the youth as well.